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Makeup Remover Pads Microfiber Reusable Face Towel Makeup Wipes

Makeup Remover Pads Microfiber Reusable Face Towel Makeup Wipes

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The makeup removing puff is known for its delicate, super soft, silky, and skin-friendly texture. It is made of microfiber material, which naturally removes makeup with low stimulation. This puff is cool and user-friendly, specifically designed for women's makeup needs. Its natural material ensures extra gentle care for the skin.

DETAILS: ITEM TYPE: Makeup Removing Puff.
MATERIAL: Microfiber Suede.
DIAMETER: 12cm / 4.72". THICKNESS: 2cm / 0.78".
COLOR: White, Black, Pink, Brown.


  1. After removing makeup, squeeze a small amount of facial cleanser onto the puff.

  2. Rinse the puff with water and hang it up to dry.

    Makeup remover pads made of microfiber are a great reusable alternative to traditional disposable wipes. They are designed to effectively remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use them:

    1. Start by wetting the microfiber pad with warm water. You can also use a gentle cleanser or micellar water if desired.

    2. Gently squeeze out any excess water from the pad, making sure it is damp but not dripping.

    3. Begin by gently wiping the pad across your face, focusing on areas where makeup is applied, such as the eyes, lips, and cheeks. The microfiber material is designed to capture and lift away makeup, dirt, and impurities.

    4. If you're wearing heavy or waterproof makeup, you may need to hold the pad against your skin for a few seconds to allow the product to break down before wiping it away.

    5. Continue to wipe until all traces of makeup are removed. You may need to rinse and squeeze out the pad during the process if it becomes heavily soiled.

    6. Once you have finished removing your makeup, rinse the pad thoroughly under warm water to remove any remaining residue.

    7. After rinsing, you can either hang the pad to dry or place it in a mesh bag or laundry basket to wash with your regular laundry. It's recommended to wash them after each use to ensure cleanliness.

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