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Anti-static Massage Comb Hair Brush

Anti-static Massage Comb Hair Brush

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-Eight-Claw Comb, Each row of comb teeth is an independent individual, the comb teeth are soft and round, gently massage and will not hurt the scalp.-ABS non-slip handle, very comfortable to hold, help you to hold it tightly.-Hollow out comb design, more elastic and quick blow-dry hair/styling.-Perfect for all hair types including straight, curly, wet, dry, and excellent to use with your Hair extensions.-Width of comb can be adjusted according to personal preference.-
Type: Eight-Claw Comb-Color: Green, Pink, Black(Optional)-
Material: ABS Its silicone material also retains heat, allowing for a more comfortable and relaxed experience. Whether used during styling, or simply as your everyday comb, you’ll enjoy the improved circulation and healthier, more beautiful hair that this comb offers.

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